New GlassTesla App Can Control The Model S

A new niche app has been released for Google Glass, directed only to Tesla Model S owners. The GlassTesla app allows users to control and get information from their car directly through Google Glass.

The app allows Tesla owners to locate their car if they forgot where they left it by using Google Maps. You can also trigger the horns or headlights remotely to fin it easily, which can prove to be very useful in some cases. GlassTesla can also lock or unlock the doors and it tells the owner if a door is open.

Both indoors and outdoors temperatures are displayed on Glass, being received from the cars’ sensors, allowing the user to find many information without having to look at the dashboard. Thanks to Google Glass and GlassTesla, everything is in the driver’s view sight.

Another great feature is that you can track the charging process remotely and even start or stop the charging, so you don’t have to go to the car in order to see if it finished charging. Just ask Glass and you’ll find out immediately how long will it take until it’s ready.

This app can do a lot of great things and we hope that Tesla is going to help developers and users by setting up an API, so apps like GlassTesla can control even more functions and get more information from the car. Of course there would be the security problem, but Tesla should find a way, considering they are probably the most innovative car company nowadays. Also most Tesla owners are pretty savvy and probably most of them are using high-end technologies, considering they’re driving one of the most advanced cars.

As you can see, Google Glass is becoming more useful and it hasn’t even been released officially. We’ll probably see it connected to a lot of stuff soon, allowing us to control virtually everything remotely.

And speaking of Tesla S, you should know that it’s an all-electric car, with a motor that develops 416 HP and 443 lb-ft of torque, being able to reach 60 mph in just under 4.2 seconds. It’s price is quite high though, starting at $62,400 for the cheap model.