New Google Glass Patent Proves Customer Edition Might Look Different

Google has just been issues a new patent for Google Glass and it looks a bit different than the Explorer edition. As you can see in the image below, it has a different design, along with two earbuds, connected to the device in the part behind the ear. We don’t know if those earbuds are detachable or not, but we suppose they are.

Unfortunately the design seems pretty bulky on the sketch and we were really expecting for a thinner, more elegant one, but we weren’t very sure that Google will manage to do it, because they have a lot of stuff to pack inside it.

This patent proves us that Google keeps working hard on Glass and they are probably preparing for the April release date. We are now just a few months away from the release date, if the rumors are true and if they manage to get it ready by then. The customer edition Glass should come with an improved design, better hardware and a higher battery life, but all these are just rumors for now. Though we are pretty sure they are going to improve it, because otherwise they could just release it.

Hopefully we will manage to find out more in the near future, so we can let you know what you should expect from Google before the release date. But it seems like they manage to keep their secrets really well, because we didn’t manage to get any leaks yet, unfortunately.

If the previous rumors were right, the customer edition Google Glass should come in April with a price tag of $300 – 400, but nothing is sure right now.