New Patent Will Make You Able To Control Glass Using Hand Gestures

The Patent Hand Gestures to Signify What is Important- , aims to create a new experience for the Glass consumer, by allowing him to control some of the device functions using hand gestures.

The system described in the patent would offer the user the possibility to search online, objects he would outline with his index finger. Thus, he would be able to either send a message with the part of the image he outlined, or to search it online.So, Google was awarded on the 15th of October with the patent, which contains major development in four main areas of the Google Glass control system, so that it could include support for hand gestures.

The creators of the concept, Aaron Wheeler and Luis Ricardo Prada Gomez filled the patent back in 2011 and they describe it as being used by a device, which contains a video camera, a display and can be head-mounted. So, this wearable device can accomplish some particular tasks when it recognizes certain hand moves.

  1. The point is, that using this technology, the Glass would be able to perform four actions as a response to particular hand gestures, and those are:The ability to use your index finger for selecting a shape in your visual field
  2. You can enable a rectangle selection function by simply dragging your forefinger and thumb in your visual field, while holding them pointed one towards the other at a 90 degrees angle;
  3. While browsing through a social network, you could ‘like’ a post, or an image of an object by holding your hands together shaped as a heart.
  4. When you stand in front of a point of interest such as a museum, restaurant or even a digital billboard, you could interact with it by using some preset hand movements.

And this is probably just the beginning. The four central areas are those mentioned above, but who knows how many secondary uses will sprout from them. When this system will be out, users will be able to shoot a real-life photo and do whatever they like with them, from mailing or messaging it to someone, to searching online references or anything else they might have in mind, by using hand gestures. The Google Glass application is another interesting subject we can’t wait to debate.

Considering these new combinations of a head mounted computer device operable by voice and gestures brings us closer and closer to the SF movies we were watching when we were little and even some of nowadays SF movies. Practically, the Internet and Augmented Reality will be constantly interfering with our daily events, work and vacations.

What is your opinion regarding the Google Glass technology? Do you believe this will be a useful addition to our daily routine or rather a distraction? Feel free to comment below!