PSA: MyGlass Android App No Longer Limited to US Play Store Users

Once with the release of MyGlass 3.2.0, Google has also made the app available for everyone, so you’re no longer required to be located in the United Stated to download it from the Play Store. Until now the app was blocked for non-US users, so they had to download the apk from a third-party website and install it manually.

Fortunately Google is thinking about us, non-US citizens who purchased Glass and allows us to install MyGlass from any location.

If you’ve been previously searching the web for the MyGlass apk, you can now go directly to the Play Store and install it, benefiting from auto updates and extra security, as APKs downloaded from third-party websites could have been modified.

We are still hosting the MyGlass APKs, for those of you who really want it or would like to try an older version.