Shirt Designed To Extend Google Glass Battery Life

Well, since Google hasn’t found any manner to improve the life battery of Glass, the guys from SCOTTEVEST found a way to make it easier to charge. Even though only some of us got to explore Google’s device, we can say that all of us have grown fund of it and can’t wait to see its full potential. Interesting nonetheless, the solution found by SCOTTEVEST is a shirt with an integrated battery, able to provide power for Glass an entire day.

Having a sub-par accumulator, Glass acts just like any other gadget in this situation when it comes to strategic battery consumption. Any activity that requires the use of an application, such as listening to music, recording videos, playing video clips can certainly drain fast the stored energy. Used on a regular basis, Glass’s battery life can go through almost half of the day, meaning that the user would have to carry along a charger. Also, Google Glass can’t be handled just like any other glasses, as they won’t fold the same way, meaning one should always have a special case to deposit them in case a plug isn’t nearby.

However, part of that problem is now solved, since the SCOTTEVEST OZip shirt seems to be a perfect suit for Google Glass. SCOTTEVEST wear can provide the perfect space for holding all sorts of devices and now they also have the best solution to get Glass through a full day. So far, it has been the best solution by the explorers who tried it.

If you’re planning to go to a tech event and you’re thinking of carrying a lot of gadgets along, SCOTTEVEST clothing can be the best solution to let you do so with no fuss. You might not even need that gadget backpack you always carry around when leaving home. As for keeping Glass charged, one could place a power-station in SCOTTEVEST shirt’s pocket, and use a small micro-USB cable to connect Glass to the power-station The pockets of the garments have small holes in the pocket in order to allow the cable being run through, and even the collar has two loops that keep headphones wires in place. So, if one would remain out of battery, he could easily connect and charge it.

Considering that Glass’s battery can only store 570 mAh, you could easily use a Mophie Powerstation to charge Google Glass at least six or seven times more. Think about how much more you could use your favorite apps and services Glass can offer. You won’t have to worry anymore that if you start listening Music on Google Play, the device will shut down in a couple of hours, or that if you take longer videos it will last less than an hour.

For now, Glass costs $1,500 and we don’t want to pay all those money to let it go so easily, especially when the solution is both handy and cheap. For just $49 you can buy the OZip shirt, while the Mophie Powerstation is $79 more. This is definitely a sign that we’re getting closer and closer to that full potential of Google’s wearable device, we’ve been waiting for about a year.