The Best Word Guessing Games Now Available For Glass

A few days ago we published an article informing you that the official Glassware directory has reached 88 apps this Summer. In that article we listed some of the apps that were added not long before we wrote the article and unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to write about most of them. We promised to rectify that so today we are going to tell you about a new (as in added this Summer) glassware. The recently added app is actually a game for Google Glass, which is nice because as you already know there aren’t many games available for Google Glass. The game that we are going to talk about in this article is named , based on the popular pen and paper guessing game.

We mentioned above that Google Glass doesn’t feature an extensive collection of games. That’s an understatement as games are actually pretty rare on everybody’s favorite smartglasses. Not long ago we told you about a skeet shooting arcade game, named Sky Shooting. It is a score based game with simple rules: release a target by tapping Glass, and then shoot it. In order to shoot the target you will have to aim, which is achieved by moving your head. After aiming you can shoot the target by tapping Glass again. Unfortunately Sky Shooting features a single level and shooting isn’t always as responsive as it should be.

Well, the number of games on Google Glass grew by one after the Hangman glassware was added to the official Glassware directory. We mentioned that Hangman is based (as you might have guessed when first reading the app’s name) on the popular pen and paper game with the same name, which features a very simple set of rules: one player thinks of a word, phrase or sentence and the other tries to guess it by suggesting letters or numbers. Well the Hangman app is a digital version of the popular pen and paper game, for Google Glass, featuring the same rules and of course the same amount of fun.

Regarding the fun part, you don’t have to take our word for it; try it! According to the official description, the Hangman glassware is “the ultimate word guessing game developed for Glass. This exciting and addictive game on Glass allows players to guess the letters and words in the category of animals by saying them out aloud. Players can now enjoy the classic hangman experience with paper pencil style depictions of the drawing. So are you prepared to activate those brain tissues and decipher the words as you go?” We have to agree that it is not just the best word guessing game on Glass (which isn’t saying much since it’s also the only one), but it is also a very good time waster via Glass.

The Hangman glassware comes three features. These are: – Accurate Voice recognition / Speech recognition capability, which is pretty self explanatory; – Comprehensive category of animal names, a feature that will make sure the game recognizes an obscure animal name if you are inclined to use one; – and last but not least Speak complete word to make the glass catch the first alphabet if you have difficulties. To play Hangman you simply tap start and then tap again in order to guess a letter (which you will have to speak out loud). You also speak out entire word to record its first letter and then tap to guess again. It’s pretty simple to play and it can be a pretty nice way to spend some time using Google Glass.