Sky Shooting Is A New Arcade Game For Glass

This Summer, Google Glass owners (also known as Glass Explorers) may have noticed that the number of apps (or Glassware) available for Google’s wearable device, has increased. We covered What’s Around, a Glassware that shows nearby landmarks and provides information such as a ratings, a compass reading and the distance from these landmarks. We also covered Glossaic, a social network dedicated exclusively to Google Glass, through you can share pictures and videos take with Google Glass’ 5 MP camera. Not to forget about RedLaser, eBay’s shopping assistant app that recently made the transition from smartphones to Google Glass.

Well, two new apps were added last week and in this article we are going to cover one of them, which is actually a game. There are not many games for Google Glass, so this is good news for those of you that would like to pass some time playing on Google’s wonderful wearable computer. The game is named and it is basically a skeet shooting arcade game. Gameplay is pretty simple: in order to release a target all you need to do is tap Glass. Once a target is released, you will have to shoot it of course and the most important part of the gameplay, aiming, is handled by moving your head. After you have aimed, in order to shoot you simply tap Glass again.

The game is score based and in order to get a higher score you will need to improve your accuracy (and of course to shoot as many targets). Score is also dependent on an “Ammo” factor. You will have to achieve the best possible score in just 10 shots, as that is what you get in a game. The game features only one level, or background and it is represented by “the city’s roofs in magnificent urban landscapes“, though to be honest we wish it offered more, varied, backgrounds. While the urban landscape is beautifully rendered and the ambient sound scape is pretty rich in sounds, a new background would be nice and it will keep the game from getting boring.

While the game having only one level is a pretty minor complaint, the fact that shooting (which as explained above, is done by tapping) isn’t always responsive and accurate, and this is detrimental to the gameplay and the overall experience. There are other users who reported this delay so it may be a game bug or perhaps a poor network code. Another thing users have reported is that after playing a few rounds, you will get the “Glass needs to cool down” error after you stop playing. Even with this error and the shooting delay, the game is still pretty good and doesn’t come with any game breaking bugs.

All in all, Sky Shooting, developed by Advanced Mobile Applications, is a pretty nice arcade and a good time waster if what you have is plenty of time and a Google Glass. Sure, it may become boring after a while, due to the lack of backgrounds and levels variety, but even as one of the early Google Glass games, it does its job pretty well. We would like to know what you think about Sky Shooting, so if you have already tried it, leave us a comment with your impressions in the dedicated section below.