Wearing Google Glass – Looking Like A Huge Jerk or Just Geekish?

Before we start you must be aware that Pogue is not a dude who believes in the success of Glass. By his whole name David Pogue is one of the most reputable tech reviewers who writes for NY Times while also being the center piece of PBS’s Nova. When he writes a piece he usually puts himself in the shoes of an average consumer and stars typing.

In a piece written for Scientific American he warns his readers that Google Glass may end up just like Segway (a promising and revolutionary project that will fade away with time due to its attention demanding design and features).

Do not get us wrong, we clearly can see that he is very impressed with the tech advances in Glass but in the end he considers it strange even creepy. Pogue does not stand the fact that using Glass virtually means mounting a camera on you head that aims at each and every person you socialize with.

“When I ran into a Google employee wearing it in public and had a conversation with her, the interaction was screamingly uncomfortable,” says David.

The next step was a short video for CBS during which he states that wearing Google Glass make people consider you a huge jerk.

Form my point of view this is not entirely true. I could easily trade how people think about me with a feature that really helps me and makes my life easier overall. The real problem now with Google Glass is its usability. Developers like us who use it on a daily basis state that its only practical use up until now is the fact you don’t have to reach your pocket and take out your smartphone for simple tasks like taking a picture or sending a query to Google.

In my opinion that alone is quite appealing, but not for a $1500 price tag. If Google manages to significantly lower Glass price when it will enter the consumer market it would be a real hit. That is if Google manages to implement a killer feature that other consumers excepting tech enthusiasts will die to experience. Bottom line this Google’s and most developer’s biggest problem now.

Will it become the next generation must have the gadget? What do you think?