Find Nearby Electric Charging Stations With SemaConnect

You may be surprised to find out that the first electric cars appeared in the 1880s. Electric cars aren’t something from the future anymore; they are part of the present as they are very common today, due to advances in battery and power management technologies. Electric cars have many benefits over conventional internal combustion engine automobiles, such as a significant reduction of local air pollution, and less dependence on foreign oil. So why are we talking about electric cars? Because in the Glassware directory you can find an app that will be very helpful for electric car owners.

So, what is the app about? If you own an electric car you know that in towns and cities there are plenty of charging stations so you won’t have to worry about running out of juice for your car. However, you also know that things are different when it comes to traveling as charging stations aren’t as widely spread as in towns and cities. And even though there are charging stations for electric cars when traveling, drivers won’t always know where they are. While the situation isn’t bad, it would be very helpful to know where to find charging stations.

Well, that’s exactly what the does; it gives you the location of all charging stations that are located in your proximity. The SemaConnect Glassware app is developed by the company with the same name, company that also made electric charging stations. The SemaConnect app makes use of two things in order to help you locate the charging station near you: the first thing is the navigation features of Google Glass and the second thing is SemaConnect’s huge database of charging stations. It is a very powerful app that will make your life easier if you own an electric car. The SemaConnect app also allows users to start a charging session via Glass voice commands.

Unfortunately, one of the downsides of the SemaConnect app is that it will only show you the company’s own ChargePro charging stations. Also, in order to use the SemaConnect app, you will need to register a new account on SemaConnect. Another grey area is related to using the Glassware while driving (which is actually the point of the app – to help you locate nearby charging stations while driving). We do not recommend you to use Glass while driving too much, so be careful. As we said, the app is very useful if you own an electric car and the disadvantages are pretty minor compared to the advantages of the app.