How To Extend Google Glass Battery Life

Google Glass, just as any other high-end smartphone or portable device, loses life battery pretty fast when used continuously. It is a well-known issue and Google is trying to fix it, but in the meantime, here are some advices on how you could extend the battery life of your Google Glass device.

We will explain what processes lose most power, how to prevent power loses and even how to improve the device’s life battery. If you will find this useful, feel free to share these tricks along. Here are the most important things you should know, in order to make your Glass’s battery life last longer.

Disconnect or disable unused service

Every time you stop using your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, think about disabling them. This goes for all the other services you use on Glass. Even though this won’t gain you hours of battery life, it could still make a difference. The few users that tried this constantly reported that it closing your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at least could bring you a half an hour, maybe even an hour, depending on how much they’re used. So, in order to disable these features, you should enable the Airplane Mode or go to the Power Options menu.

Along the procedures experimented by other Glass users there’s one said to give immediate results with no risks implied in extending Glass’s battery life. We know how unpleasant it could be to have to be away from home several hours a day, without access to a power supply. And in this case, if Glass only lasts for 4,5 hours, then it could not be of much help. So, the procedure implies for you to drain Glass’s battery to 0% and recharge it to 100% 2 times in a row. People who tried it said that after that, the battery life extends from 3 hours up to 8 hours.

How you can extend Glass’s battery life using Accessories and Battery Packs

You can already find on the market a few handy accessories to help you charge your Glass while on the go and extend the battery life. For instance, you could go for some battery packs that fit your needs. Those worth mentioning most are the
EasyAcc® 12000mAh Power Bank battery pack and the Anker Portable Power Bank.

Some of the best accessories, which could extend Glass’s battery life, are the PWRGlass and the GazerGlass. However, they are not yet on the market but if you want to buy one, you can already set your order because they’re going to be released soon.

For now, these are the tricks you could use to extend Glass’s battery life and the tips that could help you save more battery on a daily basis. Tell us if they worked for you too, or if you want to add anything else to the list.