Download Latest MyGlass 0.6.0 iOS App

Greaat news iPhone and Google Glass users! MyGlass 0.6.0 for iOS is now available for download! As an iOS user you probably have had a pretty bad time with the iOS version of the app MyGlass, and we believe that you are familiar by now with the incompatibilities between Glass and Apple devices. Practically, the first version of the app was barely usable, not to mention that when it did work, the processes were slow and the overall system was corrupted. But now, you can download the new 0.6.0 MyGlass app, which promises to solve many of these current issues.

Considering that MyGlass doesn’t disserve the 3 stars rating it now has on iTunes, and that a lot of iOS users are Glass fans, it was about time for Google to drop its pretences to also use an Android phone with Glass, and start working on the compatibility issues between the two systems. Yesterday they released the new MyGlass app, which is now available for download.

Indeed, we have a new update for the iOS version of MyGlass and even though it won’t come with tremendous changes, it would definitely solve most of the bugs and issues iOS users have encountered during their experience with Google’s wearable device. Google received a lot of complaints followed by suggestions from developers on how to solve the incompatibility issues, and some of them even proved that the suggested changes were working on their devices. And now, everyone can download and enjoy MyGlass 0.6.0, which comes with two major updates: bug fixes and a new Glassware UI.

So far, there are only a few reviews on the update but it’s normal considering that it has just been released. However, if Google did fix most of the issues, the iTunes rating will be growing in short time. Besides, over the next week, probably more reviews will kick in but until then you can take it for a test yourself. Download it from the Glassware directory, install it and enjoy! We know that probably it won’t work exactly like the Android version of the app, but it should be close to the final result.

If you are using an iOS device with Glass, you should definitely download MyGlass 0.6.0 update: it will change the way you use it. And for the record, as an iOS user you’d better keep up with the updates, cause at this point they’re pretty significant and could bring major improvements. So, after downloading MyGlass 0.6.0 come back here and be the first to tell us how it worked out for you!