Glass Alternative Vuzix M100 Can Be Now Pre-Ordered

When the Glass first appeared, a lot of competitor companies took over the wearable idea and while some developed smartwatches, there were some that took it even further and tried to compete against the Glass itself. Vuzix for example, announced back then that during the summer they would release a similar product to the mass markets at the price of $500. Despite these initial statements, their Vuzix M100 smart wearable was launched this month, with at least four months delay and at the double price: $1000!

It seems that we will have to deal with a high price for these wearables, at least for now (hopefully the Glass will be launched at a smaller price). Regardless to the price and the release delay, the M100 isn’t such a bad idea after all. It runs exactly as an Android powered phone, including functions and features a regular smartphone would have.

After getting to know the device and understanding it, some even compared it with a tablet device compressed in the tiny shape of a smart display. It sports a camera, RAM memory, touch interface, Bluetooth, a gyroscope, GPS and much a more. Vuzix said that if a smartphone would have been standing at about 10 inches from your eyes, it would be looking identical. Considering these facts, the M100 should definitely be tested and see how well these features work, combined in this shape.

Besides its internal hardware and software, the M100 is actually looking pretty neat. Our opinion is that it looks quite futuristic and if we can say it, nicer than the Glass, which looks like an unfinished prototype when placed near Vuzix’s unit. However, some might not go easily over the fact that the price is double than initially announced and it’s understandable considering that this is definitely not a slight price increase. Some people were very unsatisfied with their delay in delivering the project as well.

But if the price and the delay didn’t bother you in the first place, we think it could be quite interesting to try out. Even though it has more capabilities than the Glass (at least as a stand-alone product), it can also be connected to a smartphone and deliver notifications, mails, calls and so on. So, it could turn out to be a good investment.

We can’t say for sure that this device is definitely better than Google’s Glass. We know for sure that the Glass will be better marketed and will have a lot more support from Google’s partnering companies. Might cost less, too.

So, are you patient enough to wait for the Glass or eager to play with Vuzix’s new wearable smart glass? If so waste no more time and pre-order from here.