Google Glass 2.0 Looks Pretty Much Like The Original Version

Google has announced Glass 2.0 a few days ago and now we have photos of their new gadget, which comes with some improvement and a detachable earbud. Unfortunately they didn’t offer more information about the next-gen Google Glass and they only wanted to show us pictures of it.

Wow, lots of questions! We’d rather “show” than “tell” so here you go: the mono earbud, and the Glass that Explorers will be getting when they swap later this year.

We still don’t know the exact release date, as they are only saying “later this year,” but we hope it will be sooner rather than later. We also believe this is just a final test before the customer edition gets released in April 2014, as most rumors say.

As you can see in the photos, Google Glass 2.0 looks pretty much the same, except the detachable mono earbud. This is something we didn’t know before and we were hoping that the earbud can be detached, because it looks like it can be pretty annoying at times. The bone conduction speaker is still there, so you can use it instead of the earbud, if you’re comfortable with it. Google added the earbud, because a lot of Explorers complained that they can’t hear anything in relatively loud environments, which is a pretty big issue, especially during a phone call.

We were definitely expecting more from the next-gen Google Glass, though we still hope the consumer edition will be different, because this is still pretty bulky.

Once Google releases Glass 2.0, current Explorers will be able to swap their original version for it. They can also invite up to 3 friends to join the Glass Explorer program, which will receive Glass 2.0. Everyone who has joined the program prior to October 28 is eligible for the swap out.

The swap out program will last 60 days after it gets announced by Google through an email, and the Explorers who don’t trade-in in their Glass during this period will have to stick to the first version. Pricing for new Explorers remains the same, so you still have to pay $1,500 if you didn’t get your Glass already.

Hopefully Google Glass 2.0 won’t break so easily, as many Explorers have reported that they take it to service very often, mostly due to prism issues. We believe Google managed to improve the manufacture quality, though we can’t be sure until Google starts delivering it.