Google Glass Could Come With Collision Detection

Besides car collisions, there are also times when you can knock your head to something because you don’t pay attention or it’s just a really clean glass. And another piece of Glass might be able to help you in those situations in the future.

Tech blog Engadget has found a patent application from October 2011 for a technology that could come to Google Glass in the future. The patent is about a collision detections technology that could make Glass let you know when you are about to hit some object in front of you.

There are a lot of details in the application which can be found at . You can read it to better understand how this technology is going to work, though it should not be something very complicated. I’m thinking that the biggest issue right now is camera quality, which might not detect every object, especially in low light. And I bet most collisions happen in low light situations, but when that’s not the case, Glass can help.

We’ve been talking recently about new Glass features and apps that can make our lives easier and developers never stop amazing us. Hopefully Google will release Glass officially soon, so more developers can start working with the device.

Even if Google doesn’t plan to implement this feature anymore, I’m confident that we’ll see an app for that really soon, now that we gave them the idea. If you plan to make a similar app, let us know and we’ll give it a try.