Google Glass Might Get Banned For New York Drivers

Google Glass seems to be doomed by lawmakers as it’s now proposed to be banned for drivers in New York. The original law bans cellphones and now they want to  extend it in order to ban Google Glass too.

The device wasn’t even released yet and lawmakers are trying to ban it, because they consider it could distract drivers. On the other side, it’s also getting banned in more and more locations due to privacy issues.

A Brooklyn Democrat, Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, proposed banning Google Glass while driving because “it’s a distraction for drivers.” The bill was introduced on Monday.

Ortiz was the first lawmaker to author the law that banned cellphones originally. According to Ortiz, he came to the conclusion that Google Glass should be illegal while driving after visiting the company’s headquarters.

While there, someone made the comment that Google Glass is better than having a hand-held cellphone in your hands because you can continue driving and have conversations. So, I tried it, and they were wrong.

The lawmaker believes the information displayed by Google Glass, along with its ability to make phone calls, can distract the driver and so it should be banned.

According to The Wall Street Journal, there are 7 states that introduced bills in order to regulate Google Glass while driving. The bills are either limiting Glass or banning it entirely while driving. The good news for Glass users is that, while lawmakers are struggling to ban it, Google keeps lobbying them to whitelist the device.