Google Glass Could Be Officially Released On San Francisco Barge

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been busy trying to discover what could the mystery barges from San Francisco could be about. And now we know. The search engine company is about to build one of its floating retail stores there, apparently for the release date of the  Google Glass.

We know that rumors placing the Google Glass release date sometimes next year aren’t new and that everyone is expecting to see the device during 2014, but nobody knows for sure when is Google going to make it available on the mass market. However, now that the San Francisco Bay mystery barge has been unveiled (at least for now), we might be seeing the Glass at the beginning of the year rather than later, as Google has already began shipping materials and getting authorizations for building floating retail stores on the so called Treasure Island.

When the rumors regarding the San Francisco barges sprouted, most of the suppositions related to it were claiming that hopefully, these barges will somehow be a part of the new Glass environment. Besides, GG retail stores have been mentioned before and considering these expectations, Google hasn’t failed any so far. The whole deal started to reveal itself better as soon as a leaked report from Turner Construction Co., the barge builder company unveils the company’s budget on building the floating retail stores, which is $35 million for the three stores.

Mirian Saez, the operations director at Treasure Island Development Authority stated that Google sees a great launching opportunity through these floating stores. So, if you were in serious doubts regarding whether you are going to see the Glass next year or not, well these new information might roll over your skepticism. We are sure that the Glass will be launched at the beginning of 2014.

So, the same leaked report that revealed the budget Google has to fill for building the three stores also contains information regarding the floating stores docking stations. Apparently, after the three floating stores are built (on Treasure Island) they will be sent to Los Angeles, New York and of course, San Francisco. The project is codenamed Hangar 3 and the floating stores will each contain 80 containers lined on rows of sails (pretty similar in design with some fish fins).

As Apple encourages people to come in their stores in order to try and play with their gadgets, why wouldn’t Google adopt the same strategy for their devices? And this is exactly the idea that the floating retail stores is standing on. Come in, try it out, and take it home. Of course, the floating stores aren’t Google‘s single idea of advertising. Now, you can try the Nexus 7 tablets in the Winter Wonderlab, six giant snow globes in US are waiting for customers to try Google products such as Chrome features and Chromebooks. Fun isn’t it? It’s time for you to leave the comfort of your home and the convenience of online shopping and go out for a tour. Your experiences will be considerably improved.