Google Glass To Be Released And Sold On a Barge in San Francisco

A lot of rumors started flowing two weeks ago when a huge barge has been spotted on San Francisco Bay. Some websites have reported that it might belong to Google, though it seemed more like a water-cooled datacenter. But later some insiders reported that it’s actually going to be a marketing center, dedicated especially to Google Glass. We expect the barge’s opening to be once with Glass’ release, around April 2014.

The truth has been revealed thank to the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC), that started investigating Google’s barge, because it didn’t have a permit to use it.

It seems like the barge is going to be a huge showroom for Google’s products, along with a party deck, which are build of 40-foot shipping containers, that could be easily rearranged or transported somewhere else, making it modular.

The barge is compared to Apple’s concept stores, and it might show-off Google’s new gadgets in a spectacular way. Though other rumors say that it might only be open for Google’s VIPs and not for the general public, but we don’t really believe that.

We will probably continue to cover this story, as Google will probably keep working on the barge in order to get it ready for the opening. We expect to find out more information soon.

Google has had a lot of “crazy” ideas in the past years and this makes us believe the rumors. We’re thinking about their driverless cars and even Google Glass, which are two revolutionary ideas. This barge is probably another attempt to do something new and extraordinary.

In 2009 Google also filed a patent for a floating, water-cooled datacenter and this made people believe the barge could actually be one. It seems like they’ve been wrong, though nothing is 100% clear right now, so we’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think Google is planning to do with that barge ?