Google Glass Swap-Out Program is Now Live

As we’ve told you before, you’ll be able to swap your device with the new Google Glass 2.0, which comes with some important improvements.

Now Google started sending emails to Glass Explorers inviting them to swap with the Glass 2.0. The process is really simple and all Explorers can do it before February 5th, 2014.

In order to swap your Glass, you have to complete a form and let them know if you want the Glass 2.0 or not. If you choose to swap, then you’ll reserve a spot in the waiting line and you’ll hear again from Google when your time comes to get your new device. First you’ll receive a pre-paid return box to send them your old Glass and after 3-5 days Google will ship you the Glass 2.0.

We have even more good news. If you’ve gifted your device, you can call Google and let them know the new owner’s information so they can contact him for the swap-out. The phone number is 1-800-GLASS-XE and you have to tell them your customer ID.

During the swap-out program, you can also get another color for your Glass,so this is your chance if you’re unsatisfied with the color you picked initially.

If you haven’t received your email yet, don’t worry, as Google is usually doing this progressively and they will reach every Glass Explorer eventually.

While Google Glass 2.0 comes with improved hardware, it seems like it’s still really sensitive to heat and humidity, which means they didn’t manage to make it any better yet. This is a real concern for us, because we don’t expect Google to release it as the customer edition, as they would get a lot of complaints and bad rep.