You Can Now Control The Navigation, Evernote and Path Apps Using Voice Commands On Glass

Good news from Google, as Google Glass has released a new monthly software update that brings many exciting features. It is said that Google Glass will now have new controls for video playback and voice navigation as well as a better integration for Path and Evernote. Also some new types of update will be available for Google Now.

New voice commands for the map application will be available to better aid the users. You will now be able to either show or hide the route overviews and stop the directions without using your hands. Route guidance should be improved this way according to Google.

Developers of third-party apps should also be happy about the news as users can now add new commands with the help of the applications. Path and Evernote have been connected to offer two new voice commands from the Home screen. Updates of the Path feed will be easier to make this way as you will only need to tell the Glass to post an update. Sending notes via Evernote will be easier also by asking the Glass to take a note. All you need to do is turn on the Path and Evernote Glassware from the MyGlass Android application and you will be able to see the new voice actions in the menu. And Google proudly states that this is just the beginning with more new voice actions to come in time.

And to make sure this will be done fast, Google has even put up instructions for developers of third-party apps on how to insert voice commands into the menu.

As we have mentioned before, the update will also include new controls for videos. With a simple tap on the Google Glass touchpad you can pause or play a video. You can find the touchpad on the side of wearer’s head. Also depending which way you swipe you can fast forward or rewind the video.

Multitasking has become a lot easier as now you are able to check your timeline while you are on a video call, and we think this will prove to be a big improvement. You can also use voice actions to add captions to pictures or videos.

Regarding the updates to Google Now, the team at Google has said in a post that it will deliver helpful information to the user even before it asks. As the user swipes back on the touchpad new information will be revealed. The new information will remind the user about his restaurant reservations, hotel bookings and concerts that he want to see. Only the places that send e-mail confirmation will be available in Google Now. Also, if you plan to watch a movie later on you won’t have to be bothered to check online for showtimes and theaters that are close to you as the Glass will be able to provide that for you.

A great addition is the emergency alert that lets you change your flight plans when weather warnings are posted. Also, now you won’t need the radio telling you which routes are blocked on your way to work. Google Now will gather information regarding traffic conditions and routes before you even start your car. And to make sure you don’t miss a thing, you will be able to view live scores of your favorite teams.

Unfortunately Google Glass has only been made available in a limited series that is destined for developers and a selected few other. The date at which it will be made available to the public has not been confirmed yet.