Nissan Teases 3E, a Glass Competitor

Nissan has just released a video on Youtube teasing a Google Glass competitor, dubbed the 3E. We don’t have any more information about it, but it does look both weird and futuristic at the same time.

Unlike Google Glass, the Nisan 3E’s prism covers the user’s eye entirely, which makes us to believe it’s going to be just a concept. Or if they actually plan to release the 3E, it will either look more like Glass or have a switch to retract the prism , because I can’t imagine who would like to see with only one eye.

The Nissan 3E should also have internet connectivity, video recording, along with connectivity to other 3E devices.

Their video teaser really made us curious to see the 3E, which should be introduced next week at the Tokyo Motor Show.

If we were to make more suppositions about the 3E, we’d say that it might also come with car integration. It could prove to be a marketing tool for Nissan’s cars. High end automobiles could come with a free 3E that interacts with the car and offers information to the driver. But we don’t really know how legal it would it be for someone to wear 3E while driving, considering that it covers an eye entirely.

This isn’t Nissan’s first attempt to enter the wearable computing market, as it’s already released the Nismo back in September, at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Nissan Nismo is a smartwatch that connects to the car and phone in order to offer information to the driver more easily.

You can watch the video below to see how it looks, though you won’t see anything else, because the device is only featured for a few seconds, along with a lot of artistic interpretation.