Perfect Releases Video Life Blogging For Google Glass

The Google Glass is definitely the first device in the world to have so many customized services or apps ready to be launched before its arrival on the mass market. In the past couple of days we’ve witnessed, during the TechStars Seattle Demo Day event, the release of the Perfect platform, a video blogging service designed especially for Glass. The company that released it is now the first to have released a service for the Google Glass platform that will be included in the device’s start up program.

The platform offers Glass users the possibility to make videos about their experiences easier than any current service. If people are rejecting the Glass concept because of its omnipresence and the way it somehow invades our daily lives, Perfect is actually bringing a whole new perspective for the Glass. So, now you can create your own videos with your own events and experiences, produce and edit them in a customized way, available for everyone. And the result is pretty amazing, too. Take a look at how the Glass can help you express what you’re experiencing every day.

Nowadays techniques for producing and editing videos are complicated and require a lot of time, this is why people choose to skip it. But with Perfect, things are about to change. So, let’s say a Google Glass owner shoots a video, which is then loaded on the platform. Next, he would have to choose three second – timeframes from eight videos. Perfect will then put the selected segments in a 24 seconds long video. By keeping the videos easy to edit, short and easy to put together, Perfect can save one a lot of time. And besides, a stream like this can be watched for as long as the user wants to.

Below you can watch a video montage such as the one we described above. The video, as Duan–one of the creators of Perfect said, was made for his grandmother to see how he’s doing in Seattle and was presented on the stage of TechStars.

The interesting thing about the Perfect platform is the environment created by the Glass. So, the videos are organized chronologically, so that they would be easier to follow and the viewers can see those life-blogs as streams.

Behind Perfect, there are two awesome guys, Duan and Colin Hom. They both went to the same high-school, Shaker High in Albany and after graduating Hom went to MIT while Duan subscribed to Duke University’s engineering classes. When Duan graduated he began making videos with the Glass in Berkeley and shortly after this, Hom joined his friend and started designing the platform.

Duan and Hom built the service from scrap with their own budget and at the moment, they invest about $4,000/month in its development while planning to keep it in the family, without any outside funding. As the beta version of the device will be released and more people will own the Glass, they will continue developing new features for the platform. However, they do depend a lot on Google’s mass release of the Glass. After the release, they will plan on how to get their money back and how will the service be charged, but for now, the main target is the growth of Perfect.

During the tech event, Duan couldn’t present any timeline of the app, nor any screenshot of the service. This doesn’t look very well, especially when the success of Perfect depends so much on the platform aspect and tools.

So, there you have it: Perfect, the new video blogging platform designed especially for the Glass. We know that the concept could be a bit futuristic since the device is not yet out, but it does point out the ability of the Glass to create a better way of expressing yourself. In our point of view, Perfect stole the lights of the show and proves once more the potential of the Google Glass and other similar wearable devices, all ready to roll out on the market.