Sportier Glass Design Hinted By Google Patent

If you remember, last week we talked about Google’s hipster variant of the Glass. This week, we found new material according to which, Google is also preparing a Glass device customized for extreme sports enthusiasts. So, Engadget posted last week a report about a Google patent for the hipster version. Let’s check out the new extreme sports Glass device. Read further.

The rumor revolves around a newly found panted granted to Maj Isabelle from Google, on the 27th of August 2013. The product it describes, has a design created to fully wrap the user’s head and similar specifications to those of a Google Glass device. If you think about what could be done with a Google Glass that wraps around your head, you can instantly think of at least three usage methods. And yes, one of them would be extreme activities as a regular Glass could easily fall off in a shaky situation.

Another interesting fact we can observe from the patent, is that the new version of the Glass doesn’t have an incorporated camera. You can only see mentions regarding the touchpad and the heads-up screen. There is no space for a camera or any reference to one in the entire filling. If this turns out to be true, we can think of one person who would be more than happy to hear it, and that is the CEO and founder of GoPro, Nicholas Woodman.

In an interview recently given to Techcruch, Nicholas Woodman stated that he is imagining a world where technologic products can work together in order to provide the best user experience. This was the response he gave when asked about his opinion on the Glass and its presence on the market.

The conclusion we can draw from this statement and the lack of the camera on this version of the Glass, is that GoPro’s founder is already thinking about the Google Glass as the perfect match for a view-finder or remote control for one of GoPro’s cameras. However, we can’t tell yet if Google is getting ready to launch more than one version of Glass, or if this is a move meant to impress competition.

As you probably heard or read, there are already rumors referring to a Samsung head-mounted Galaxy Gear or an Apple iSpectacles. What do you think about the use of Google Glass in sports, extreme or outdoor activities? Do you believe it should keep all the basic features of the first Glass version or would you find it more useful if it had fewer features and a slimmer case?