Will Glass Be A Solid Business Partner?

It seems that the upcoming Google Glasses made a pretty good impression to the developers due to its capacities, but we can’t be curious about the business inferences that will appear along with the release of the device.

As far as we know, an event took place yesterday in New Yor City, and the main purpose of this event was to put together both the Google company and the developers in order to argue the prototype model. What you probably don’t know, is the fact that the Google Glasses product was presented to the future customers as a device capable of shooting images, recording videos and fully hands-free while navigating through your social media accounts, while behind the scene there were various operators who tried to push the headset to the companies.

According to the Quartz team, the most possitive reactions related to Google Glasses were received from categories such as teachers, producers, hospitals, and medical firms. All the companies claimed that the product might be useful for many businesses that are willing to improve the work of their employees by using specialy designed applications. Just think about it! How easy would be for the companies to directly record their stocks-in-trade with their employees wearing the Glass. This way, the companies can be sure they won’t run out of stock and they will easily avoid the steal which means the reduction of their correspondence costs. Moreover, used in the hospitals the headset could help the surgeons with their interventions by recording them for asking further advice from their fellows or for a legal matter. Even the stock variations can be measured with the help of the Glass, so the headset could be pretty helpful for the financial companies as well.

You might be interested to know that an application for the monitor of the financial businesses was already designed by the Fidelity Investments a Boston-based company

Even though the upcoming Google Glass are just at the beginning of their road and it seems that they won’t be released until the end of this year, it’s already clear that the technology will offer a great oportunity for the companies that will adopt this product. Even though there are only 10,000 users using the device in the present moment, many firms already claimed that the headset is a great tool for improving the activities of a company by giving to the employees the possibility of directly controling their operations. This way the efficiency will grow, so both the employee and the company should be pleased with the result.