How To Upload And Watch Videos On Google Glass

As you know, Google Glass allows users to watch videos taped with the same device, however it won’t allow viewing videos downloaded or transferred from other devices. For this inconvenient, we could use the application Glass Movies, but unfortunately it’s only available for new Glass software, meaning it can be successfully used only with OS versions that have appeared after the XE10.

Good news is that now, thanks to a recent update from the author, Glass Movies allows Glass to render videos on the XE16 OS and owners can once again enjoy movies and videos on their own device. We will tell you a few things related to how to upload and watch videos on Glass, and then we’ll tell you more about how you can use this software.

Watching Movies And Videos on Google Glass

So, now that the new Glass Movies app is working, here are a few things you should consider before watching long videos or movies on Glass. After this, we’ll get you through the installation and tell you how to safely use the movie software.

Battery life

Well, first of all the battery consumption will highly grow and won’t last more than an hour in a movie or video. Glass’s battery is pretty good and using it properly could help you have battery for a whole day. If you really need to, you can watch short videos, but playing a two hours movie is really not a good idea. For some battery life improvements tips check our article here.

Glass viewing experience

Well, you can imagine that forcing your eye in a single place for an hour or too isn’t comfortable at all. However, watching short videos is enjoyable and won’t force your eye that much. So, go ahead and use your Glass for viewing your own short videos and leave the long movies for a proper device such as TV or laptop.

Heat Control

We have seen a lot of complaints regarding Glass overheating when used for long time periods, so if your Glass does the same when you keep it on for a few hours, then you should avoid watching a full-length movie on it. It could get easier to break and it won’t be long until some internal hardware would crack.

How to Watch Uploaded Videos on Google Glass

Now you can make your decision knowing the risks involved. So, let’s get back to how you install and use Glass Movies.

First step is to download and install the software, which you can find . So, after installing the app, you will be able to enjoy your favorite videos on Glass.

Now you can transfer video files to /mnt/sdcard/Movies/ through ADB or by connecting Glass to your PC and make the transfer through USB connection. Another thing you should know is that all video files must have MP3 format.

Be free to swipe through your video files using voice commands and select the video you want to watch.

So, this is all you have to do in order to watch any type of uploaded video on your Glass. While it’s fun watching short movies and clips, Glass won’t bring you the best viewing experience, mostly due to the reasons we mentioned above and especially because watching long movies could be uncomfortable.