Japanese Scientists Created Anti-Google Glass Device For Identity Protection

A  team of scientists from Japan have recently developed a pair of specs that protect those wearing them from the camera built in Google Glass. The team behind this ambitious project have built their own glasses that feature no fewer than eleven light emitting diodes  (emitting in infrared spectrum). The infrared light is meant for Google Glass cameras and as you may assumed can not be observed with the naked eye. On the other hand any kind of camera that points to them records a massive dose of white light making facial recognition troublesome.

These developments in identity protection technology are the newest steps of such researchers who take their privacy very seriously.

Google Glass was released in a limited batch – around 2000 pieces with a price tag of almost 1000 euros or $15000. If rumors are true the consumer model will be available for purchase in Q1 2014 or towards the end of this year.

More and more folks are concerned that the latest Google gadget can record video or snap a picture without any notification ( a shutter sound effect or a colored LED).

The specs designed by the Japanese team affect only infrared light sensitive camera lenses.

The  lead researcher stated that ‘Light from these near infrared LEDs can’t be seen by the human eye, but when it passes through the camera’s imaging device, it appears bright’.

During a video available online on the NII, the lead scientists said that he developed his own pair of glasses because he was more and more concerned regarding the emergence of more and more facial recognition programs and pieces of software.  For instance just by wearing a normal pair of sunglasses and a hat is simply not enough to elude a facial recognition software because your nose is also a key factor in revealing your identity.

More and more cafe owners in the United States have already banned any person using Glass to enter their cafes in order to respect the privacy of their loyal customers. Las Vegas casinos made no exception and also banned Google Glass shortly after the Explorer edition was delivered to developers.

You can see the video we talked about below. Share your thoughts with us! What is your position?

If Google Glass were to become the latest trend in wearable technology would you wear it or go for Anti-Glass Specs?