Revolv Developer Uses Google Glass To Control His Office

As we speak more and more folks started to control all their home utilities using a keypad, a smartphone or a custom made remote control. Sound neat right? Recently an app that can be used to control the Tesla S was released hinting that Glass will play a major role in our daily routine.

Now it’s time for your home! Imagine a house that is fully controlled by Google Glass…

Revolv , a very interesting startup , by it’s former name Mobiplug recently uploaded a video that leaves all technology geeks drooling. A engineer is using a pair of Google Glasses to control all connected devices in a way that no one though was possible before. The video which I will share with you shortly is quite nice but it also made the team here at Google Glass Geeks think how we plan to control a home’s functions in the near future.

Revolv in short terms uses a hub that connencts to your wireless router giving you access to all of your home’s functions. There are many features to talk about which I encourage you to check here.

Now that you seen the video, let me point out the key aspects. The senior developer who is walking around is John Kozura. He uses a combination of voice commands and taps to change different settings. He first swipes on the frame of his glasses to reach the wanted device then simply speaks the command: ” Ok, Revolv  we need more Pink!”. In just one second the installed Phillips light bulbs work their magic and go from white to pink. Don’t get me wrong, the engineer can do whatever he wants even without using his voice. Scrolling to the desired device and tapping the function will do.

It’s a kinda cool idea but having to scroll again and again in order to reach the desired device could make users go mad after a day use. On the other hand the voice command is very accurate and way faster. A feature  (in my opinion – a must have) is what I like to call a “cluster command”. Imagine arriving home from work and just saying “Ok Revolv, I’m back” and lights go on, the music starts playing, the T.V turns itself on and switches to sports, the garage door closes and so on…

Don’t get me wrong, I find Google Glass very cool but only when it comes to the internet part of things. While wear Google Glass and having to swipe several times in order to turn on the music or the lights is not that appealing, at least from my point of view… But using Google Glass to make my return more pleasant with one simple voice command could be of real value.  A feature that informs me that I did not forget to lock the door or power off my electric oven could also be great! What do you think? Should send Revolv an email for that?