Sherpa Promises Better Experience Than Google Now for Google Glass

Sherpa is a voice control app that competes with Siri, S Voice and Google Now. Sherpa’s CEO and co-founder Xabier Uribe-Etxebarria sustains that its app can provide a better experience than its competitors.

Uribe-Etxebarria hold a presentation at the Sherpa Summit on Thursday in Spain and a lot of important names of the industry have been present, including John Sculley, former Apple CEO, Dell CEO Michael Dell, and Mitchell Baker, Mozilla CEO.

Sherpa believes that Google hasn’t done a very good job with the Google Glass software and they can provide a better experience to the user with their voice commands. According to Uribe-Etxebarria, their app will feel more natural and won’t require only some exact words, as Google Glass currently works.

At the moment, the app is only available in a beta phase on smartphones and it does a pretty good job. It can automate your navigation based on calendar events and can also perform automated hardware actions.

Sherpa Glassware will try to learn from your actions and predict what you are going to do next. For example it will learn what your favorite sport teams are and offer you live scores. It can also remind you to get an umbrella if it’s raining and it known that you’re going to leave the house.

Uribe-Etxebarria stated that two companies that are working on devices similar to Google Glass, also based on Android, want to use Sherpa. Unfortunately he couldn’t disclose the companies involved because he had signed an NDA.

It’s good to know that many developers are working on apps meant to improve the Google Glass experience and we will definitely have a lot to chose from once the device gets released officially.

Sherpa Glassware should be ready by the end of the year, when we expect Google to release the Glass. But we also expect Google to improve the product significantly, because probably that’s why they are delaying the release date.